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Monozukuri (manufacturing) logistics is very different from ordinary logistics: it requires specialist, finely tuned handling.
Alps Logistics offers various solutions design to support monozukuri (manufacturing), to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Warehousing service

Warehousing Service

Dust control, static electricity control, temperature and humidity control: no matter how challenging the environment your products require, you can rest assured that Alps Logistics can handle it. We offer a wide range of warehousing solutions that integrate sophisticated technical knowledge with our unique know-how.

Transport service

Transport Service

Alps Logistics has centers in key areas of monozukuri (manufacturing) activity, enabling us to support customer's transportation need. Our expertise in electronic components means that we can guarantee a high quality of transport even with our consolidated freight.



We have multi-functional logistics centers located close to Narita International Airport and the Port of Tokyo. These centers enable us to offer a seamlessly integrated service from export packaging through to export customs, as well as the Just-In-Time Delivery of imported cargo.

Purchasing service

Purchasing Service

Alps Logistics can act on behalf of customers to source and sell molding materials and electronic devices. We can help to streamline the purchasing work undertaken by our customers, particularly when combining with our logistics services, such as warehousing, land transport, and forwarding.

Packaging design service

Packaging Design Service

Our packaging design service can develop solutions that are focused both on protecting your product and transport efficiency. We adopt a manufacturer-oriented perspective to develop optimal packaging design solutions, in our know-how as a specialist in monozukuri (manufacturing) logistics.

Procurement logistics

Procurement Logistics

Alps Logistics can deliver raw materials and components in total alignment with production schedules, in our role as a bridge between assembly manufacturers and suppliers. We support customers total procurement logistics of necessary materials and the reduction of procurement lead times.

Cargo handling & distribution processing

Cargo Handling & Distribution Processing

Small lot shipment by piece, kitted delivery for multiple production lines, kanban system operation. We can help both assembly manufacturers and suppliers to improve productivity and shorten lead times.

Solutions for China

Solutions for China

Alps Logistics has our own operation network in place across China, incorporating 11 local subsidiaries and 26 centers. Not only can we guarantee logistics excellence, we can also be entrusted with bonded area operations.

Solutions for ASEAN

Solutions for ASEAN

Alps Logistics is expanding its line-up of logistics services across ASEAN. Our services include advanced warehousing operations required for the transplant of production lines out of China and for electronic components, as well as bonded zone operations.

Solutions for North America & Europe

Solutions for North America & Europe

We offer optimal logistics solutions that can be tailored to the unique logistics schemes operated by automotive and in-vehicle electronics manufacturers in Europe and North America. We are building a network able to respond flexibly in order to assist with the streamlining of supply chains.

Solutions for India

Solutions for India

Rapid development is taking place in India, as seen for example in the increase in car production volume and the shift to electric vehicles. At Alps Logistics, we can deliver a high quality logistics service for in-vehicle electronics across India.

Solutions for Korea

Solutions for Korea

Korea is an industrial center for world-leading manufacturers in the electronics industry. Alps Logistics operates advanced warehouses, specially adapted to be compatible with the particular features of electronic components, across the whole of Korea. We can support the optimization of your global supply chains.

Global Network

With some 80 warehouses and offices across 15 countries and regions worldwide,
Alps Logistics can support our customers' international operations
through our global logistics services.

Global Network

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