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In the first half of 2023 under review, while there were concerns that monetary tightening in various countries to counter global inflation would apply downward pressure on economic conditions, there was a moderate recovery as a whole. In the electronic components industry, although the shortage in semiconductors and other components eased up and production related to automotive products trended towards recovery, production related to the likes of consumer devices, which experienced sluggish demand, trended on an unfavorable note.
In such a business environment, the Company worked towards expanding new sales and improving various forms of productivity. However, due to factors such as the impact of lower cargo handling volumes and the worsened efficiency that accompanied the stagnation in cargo volume, our business results for the First Half reflected decreases in both revenue and profit.
For the second half 0f 2023, the sense of uncertainty surrounding the future has become stronger given the likes of concerns of an economic slowdown worldwide and geopolitical risk. In the electronic components industry, the fall in demand for consumer devices, industrial equipment and so forth caused delays in production recovery forecasts, and it is likely that the environment surrounding electronic components logistics will grow further grim. We will continue our efforts such as expanding sales and enhancing efficiency through means such as automation as we endeavor to improve our business results.
We hope to keep on benefitting from your support and guidance as we move forward.

Representative Director, President & CEO
Masaru Usui