Transport Service

Optimal logistics bespoke to each customer, delivered with high quality transport

Alps Logistics has been handling the transport of electronic components for more than half a century. This has allowed us to refine our transport service and in particular our capabilities in components logistics. That means everything from the quality of our transport itself, to the establishment of an impressively wide network, and our ability to minimize customer burden. We can offer detailed-oriented solutions to customer needs in all of these areas.

Tireless pursuit of unquestionable quality

Proven track record of minimal errors and accidents

Making sure that the “what ifs” don't happen during delivery to destination should be a given for any transport service, but our customer feedback makes it clear just how rare mistakes and accidents are with Alps Logistics. And there're two good reasons for that.
The first is our expertise in electronic components, which can be difficult to handle. We understand how the cargo entrusted to us needs to be handled. That's why cargo entrusted to us doesn't get damaged or left-off, be that chartered services or consolidated deliveries operated jointly with other companies. The second is our keen understanding of the manufacturer perspective, honed through us being part of the Alps Alpine Group. We're conscious that the end goal of transport is not the destination itself but rather the production line, so we are uncompromising in our pursuit of unquestionable quality, as a logistics company seeking to align precisely with production schedules in order to support monozukuri (manufacturing).

Item-by-item, real-time cargo tacking

Where's your cargo? One of the advantages Alps Logistics offers is our high-precision cargo tracking of each and every item entrusted to us.
Fixed-schedule, fixed-route operations. This means that each truck in our 700-strong domestic fleet covers the same route in the same time, day-in, day-out. What's more, our transport service is exclusive to our corporate customers, meaning that we don't have to deal with complicated cargo management that can arise when handling cargo for individuals. As such we've been able to closely link our service information and tracking systems, making it possible to achieve a high-precision understanding of cargo status.
The result is easier transport monitoring and time management for our customers and a less stressful experience when making shipments during natural disasters or extreme weather events, such as typhoons or heavy snowfall.

Highly skilled drivers with expertise

No matter how great the idea, if you can't make it happen, it means nothing. At Alps Logistics, we're strongly invested in training highly skilled drivers, so that we can make optimal use of the expertise and know-how we've built up over more than half a century of handing cargo.
Take our delivery service. Normally, customers either transport items themselves or arrange dedicated services, but Alps Logistics can offer a delivery service even on consolidated services. This is all down to our drivers and their ability to understand labels and delivery notes and to assess how to process items.
At Alps Logistics, skilled drivers enable us to offer services that are notably more advanced.

Major value-added delivery services


On-shelf delivery to specific delivery locations by product

The driver checks each the delivery specification for each product, including e.g. product number. The driver will then deliver each product to its required location (e.g. pallet, conveyor, shelving) then leave the delivery note in the specified location.


Receipt of delivery processing

The driver processes the delivery using customers computer system then places the receipt of delivery in specific locations for collection.


Delivery note processing and repacking to dedicated containers

The driver sets up a dedicated container and uses it to deliver the delivery note and product together.

Dedicated transportation services for monozukuri (manufacturing)

Enhanced network capabilities through the integration of milk runs and trunk line deliveries

Designing a transport network that truly meets customer needs takes more than just setting up a well-balanced network of centers across Japan. Instead, we meet those needs through what we call our “extended virtual milk runs”.
“Milk run” is a term used to describe the process of a single truck picking up items from multiple suppliers on a single run. Alps Logistics operates cargo pick-up milk runs in each coverage area, even when cargo pick-up points are remotely situated or include multiples centers, then we combine that with cargo collected from other areas for mass transportation. The knock-on effect of this is to link the whole country together, as if we were operating a single, joined-up milk run. Our extended virtual milk runs combine area-specific milk runs and trunk line deliveries, enabling Alps Logistics to offer our customers a flexible network unlike that of any other logistics provider.

Consolidated pick-ups and deliveries of dedicated service quality

The appeal of our extended virtual milk runs is that this approach enables Alps Logistics to meet detailed-oriented customer requirements, of the sort that would usually require a dedicated service, with a consolidated service. Assembly manufacturers, for example, are able to outsource their Japan-wide consolidated pick-ups to Alps Logistics by using our highly cost-effective consolidated services. In turn, suppliers are not only able to arrange consolidated deliveries with other companies also sending goods to the same manufacturer, they can also take advantage of consolidated pick up services for delivery receipts and returnable boxes. Of course, we offer this service to dedicated service customers as well as consolidated service customers. This is the perfect solution for any customer looking to review their logistics network or planning to introduce 3PL. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Burden-reducing work site improvements

Flexible responses to customer needs

At Alps Logistics, we want to help customers resolve issues and put improved logistics solutions in place, and that's why we focus on flexibility in how we address customer needs. Take pallets, for example. With consolidated services, pallet numbers tend to be limited, but our first thought it: “how are we going to ship this?”. We're also able to offer pallet packaging services from a single unit onwards. We will accept cargo in simple packaging and lid-free returnable boxes, which can mean significant time savings.
Increasingly, delivery destinations are looking to move away from excessive packaging from an environment perspective. Alps Logistics is able to open outer packaging (cardboard boxes) and store cargo in its smallest units of packaging, then use our own returnable boxes for transport to delivery destinations.

Dramatically reducing shipping hassle

Many customers cite the waybills that need to be provided to transport companies alongside the cargo to shipped as one of their biggest logistics headaches: the time it takes to find the waybill provided by the transport company in advance for each delivery destination, the hassle of filling them in. Alps Logistics operates an online waybill system, which can be linked up with the customer's own shipment system. Our system makes it possible to issue waybills by simply inputting the information online.
What's more, when shipping a large volume of cargo, it can be extremely time-consuming to divide items up by destination and to prepare separate waybills for different items even when the destination is the same. Our online waybill system allows customers to issue all necessary waybills and labels by simply uploading the shipping data. Once the labels have been attached to the cargo items, there's no need to do any other sorting: that's our job. This allows our customers to focus on their own warehousing operations.

Adept in equipment freight

In more than half a century of experience in monozukuri (manufacturing) logistics, Alps Logistics has built up impressive know-how and expertise in equipment freight. We can take care of the entire process for manufacturing equipment and machinery—that's everything from removal, to transport, unloading, and installation—or handle single stages as required. Every stage is carried out by dedicated staff and enhanced options include the use of specialist equipment for removal and unloading and the use of specialist vehicles for transportation. We can also consult on equipment layout inside plants, based on our extensive experience. We handle any and all forwarding arrangements, from export packing to export customs formality for international shipments. By choosing Alps Logistics, you can rest assured that your equipment will be in good hands.

Overview of equipment transportation service