Warehousing Service

Striving for unrivalled warehousing excellence

Alps Logistics has integrated our sophisticated knowledge of component logistics with our unique know-how to be able to offer our customers detail-oriented warehousing solutions. From receiving to shipping out, every stage is operated with utmost efficiency, and we will happily handle any specific customer requirements such as kitted delivery. Our ever-evolving specialist skills keep us focused on providing an unrivalled warehousing service.

Understanding Logistics Individuality, ensuring high quality warehousing

Logistics Individuality: bringing together more than half a century of knowledge and experience

Monozukuri (manufacturing) requires specific warehousing methods. As the technology used in electronic components, such as semiconductors and precision machinery components, has evolved, so too has handling had to become more precise and more advanced. Drawing upon our 50+ years of experience handling monozukuri (manufacturing) logistics and our track record of working with over 1,900 companies in Japan alone, Alps Logistics has developed an approach we call Logistics Individuality, which pulls together our exceptional know-how and knowledge on the handling of electronic components by specific characteristics. Basing our advanced warehousing operations on this same Logistics Individuality is the true strength of Alps Logistics' unmistakable warehousing service and the reason why so many companies—be they component manufacturers, trading companies, or assembly manufacturers receiving components—choose us as their logistics partner.

Product Profile: Individual to every product

Logistics Individuality. This approach, exclusive to Alps Logistics, starts with an understanding of the individual characteristics of our customers and their products.
Logistics Individuality is made up of two aspects. The first is the Product Profile. This profile indicates the storage environment and any specialist handling required. Take semiconductors: we need to ensure there is detail-oriented management of temperature, humidity, dust and dirt, and of the prevention of fluctuation. What's more, when opening semiconductor packages, we have in place scrupulous static electricity controls, including the use of anti-static mats, clothing, and wrist straps. To ensure that semiconductor terminals are prevented from oxidizing, during the piece picking process we open the vacuum packs they arrive in, then seal them in vacuum packs optimal to the conditions of their warehousing and transportation. We are able to offer this kind of complex processing across our entire network as part of our warehousing service.
At Alps Logistics, we first determine the Product Profile that best suits the product. Our next step is to prepare our warehouses for the optimal handling and warehousing of your product.

Customer Profile: Unique to every company

The second aspect of our Logistics Individuality is the Customer Profile. Delivery specifications differ considerably by customer, whether that be the position or orientation of labels, or the delivery note being placed inside or on the outside of packaging. Whatever the specification, having worked with more than 1,900 companies in Japan, Alps Logistics is familiar with a wide range of requirements. That's why we are able to respond flexibly to the specific Customer Profile of each company we work with.
Logistics Individuality is an approach we've developed over more than half a century. This unique method is what enables us to guarantee high-precision warehousing services.

IT-led Advanced Inventory Control

ACCS: Our Information System Adapted to Logistics Individuality

We are able to offer precision warehousing solutions, adapted to Logistics Individuality, thanks to the Alps Cargo Center System or ACCS. This is a warehouse management system (WMS) developed by pulling together the know-how accumulated by Alps Logistics.
ACCS centrally manage all information on cargo entrusted to us, enabling the efficient implementation of multiple different warehouse operations, from receiving to shipping out. Optimal warehousing aside, the system can also be used to complete forms required for inventory and shipping, and provide information required by customers, such as shipping notices for individual delivery address and slow moving stock reports.
ACCS has all the functionality a customer could want from a company offering diverse logistical capabilities and from a logistics professional.

EDI coordination for greater efficiency in production control

Day-to-day market fluctuations mean it's more important that ever before to be accurate in demand forecasting and the preparation of precise schedules for production and sales. Doing this requires immediate access to up-to-date information on inventory levels. Our Alps Cargo Center System (ACCS) can be integrated with the customer's core system through EDI coordination, enabling the customer to understand what's happening in the warehouse at all times, from receiving to shipping out, and gives real-time access to ACCS information. All data can be shared, guaranteeing smooth processing at every stage: receiving, warehousing, and shipping out. Not only does this help make speedy deliveries a reality, thanks to our logistic data control system—complete with easy-to-use interface—the customer is supported in making faster decisions, be that production scheduling or business judgments.
EDI coordination lets Alps Logistics offer our customers the warehousing information they need quickly and seamlessly, thus helping our customers gain the edge over the competition.

Piece-control compatible, flexibility of free location warehousing

Our ACCS introduces precision into warehousing control while linking together information on every stage of the warehousing process, from receiving, to warehousing, and shipping out; it's why we can offer such a rich line-up of services. Piece control, for example, is necessary for high-mix, small lot items such as electronic components. Goods arrive at the warehouse in cartons, which are then sorted into small lots by piece before being shipped out. Alps Logistics can offer complete flexibility towards such customer needs.
Of course, piece picking isn't the only advantage offered by our ACCS. It's also what makes possible our highly efficient space-saving solution: free location warehousing. Normally, when storing goods in warehouses operated by a logistics company, a fixed area of warehousing space is made available to the customer. This means, however, that changes in the volume of goods being stored can cause unused space to arise. Our ACCS enables customers to use warehousing space flexibly, according to cargo size and fluctuating cargo volume.
With our ACCS, Alps Logistics can offer our customers warehousing services characterized by high precision, high efficiency, and high quality.

Enhancing warehousing efficiency by minimizing underutilized space

Diverse automation
and manpower saving solutions

Automated carton warehouse harnessing our expertise in electronic components

At Alps Logistics, we're not only interested in offering warehousing operations through our warehousing service. We're also focused on actively rolling out state-of-the-art technology. At our Nishinomiya Warehouse, for example, we are pioneering the use of manpower saving warehousing solutions with the use of the latest material handling technology, specifically adapted to electronic components.
You might think that an automated warehouse is nothing special, but the Nishinomiya Warehouse is advanced in that it is specialized for electronic components. Electronic components are by nature very delicate, so during receiving and shipping out they need any automation to be capable of carrying and pushing with suitably great care.
The customers using this warehousing are assembly manufacturers sourcing components and materials from more than 1,000 suppliers across Japan. Many of these parts arrive in small lots or open cartons, meaning from the operational side too we need to label all cartons arriving at or shipping out from the warehouse. Our automated carton warehouse offers significant reductions in the space and manpower required. In addition to servicing production plants in japan, the Nishinomiya Warehouse can be used as a stock and delivery center for exporting to plants overseas.